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Re: Minato

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[ ... She is so sweet. It makes him want to help her a little more now. ]

You give me strength, Leader.
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[ He crouches down slowly to get a better look at her. He's not sure really what to say to make her feel better.]

I think I know how you feel... it's really easy to feel... but you know... everyone has... their own way of giving strength.

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So you're not the only witch here?

[ it sounded more like a statement than a question, her tone still cold and guarded ]
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[ she looks... actually horrified at this point, taking a step back ]

Stop messing around! If you're not actually Bernkastel, then tell me where she is!

[ not that she actually wanted to see her, but her presence might shed some light on this whole situation ]

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[ He rubs his chin thoughtfully, thinking about what she said. They uncovered the secret behind the conspiracy to destroy Hinamizawa, after all, so he's confident in their ability to uncover the truth behind this place as well. ]

I think one of the things we should do is get to know some of the other students. Some of them might be useful allies.

[ The way he says some of them indicates that he's not quite sure what to make of the rest. ]
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[ She probably doesn't realize that he now knows who Hanyuu is, just like he doesn't realize that might be something that would surprise her. He's more worried about their current situation. ]

That's right. If we're working together, then there's no way we'll lose.

[ Just like the June that he remembers. He gives her hair another gentle tousle because why not? It's Rika, and it'll probably never get old to him. ]

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[He refrains from saying, "It might be better that way," since his own thoughts have been hovering around that idea for a while now, but he realizes that it can be inappropriate.

It's normal to want to have someone close, isn't it?]

I just wasn't paying attention so it's nothing to fuss over. I appreciate your kindness. Did you want to look around to see if we can find anyone you recognize?

[Oh wait.]

[He raises a hand a little nervously.]

Obviously, I'm also a stranger so you might be uncomfortable with that so I understand if you do not want to...
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[He's silent at that. His family, his large family of his fellow angels, they made him feel like he was part of a system. Everyone had their roles. Everyone was a gear or cog that kept the heavenly machine running.]

[And now, he was here. With nothing and no one at all.]

I feel the same way, miss. [A long pause.] But...I'm sure we'll be able to escape and find them, together! We can't be stuck here forever.
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Hope keeps one going even in the darkest of times.

[He nods, giving her a wide smile - even though he's still panicked, he's glad to find someone who seems so nice.]

Rika! A pleasure to meet you. I am Cheriour. I am an angel of the Lord...or, er, well, I used to be.